Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top 5 Best Shows Of TGIF!

Man, Fridays kicked ass. The weekend was coming. No school. And TGI FUCKIN F!!!! The BEST shows we're always on TGIF on ABC. So with that, I give you my Top 5 of the best damn shows that were on TGIF.

5. Family Matters
Everyone did the Urkel impression in school. And god damn it was annoying. This show was cheesey as fuck, but it did have it's moments. They were the last of the few sitcoms left that did the "Very Special Episode" like when Urkel got drunk, or when Laura was called the N word at school. My favorite episodes being whenever Urkel would drink "Bruce Juice" and turn into Bruce Lee and kick bad guys asses.

Step By Step
Man this show was shit until Cody came on it. That guy kicked ass. I remember he was a kickboxer on the show or some wacky crap. He even saved Dana once from being mugged or some shit.

Hangin With Mr Cooper
I've loved basketball my whole damn life. And I always hated when sitcoms would have NBA teams that were fake and all made up. This was the first time I saw a show that actually had real players and real teams. I remember the episode when Cooper made it onto the Golden State Warriors, only to have his ass handed to him by Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns.

Perfect Strangers
To me Perfect Strangers started it all. Literally, Family Matters is actually a spin-off of this show. I remember being kids and playing in the street then realizing Perfect Strangers was about to come on and we would seriously attempt to do the Dance Of Joy.

Boy Meets World
This, was the best fucking show in TGIF history. You had Fred Savages little brother, you had KITT, and you had cameos by wrestlers. On top of that, Topanga was off and on hot. But this show got REALLY good later on in the final 3 seasons. Angela was the hottest chick ever, that giant red head was hot as well. Of course, the main reason to watch, was for the funniest mother fucker in Friday night history, Eric Matthews. FEE NAY!

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