Monday, September 8, 2008

Remember When The VMAs Were Entertaining?

So the MTV VMAs were on last night. I passed on watching as usual. Some watched, for some strange reason.

But hey, remember when the VMAs didn't have shit like Jonas Bros running around? And were actually fun to watch?

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  1. wow, a sad year for the VMA's once again. I think the first one i watched live was 1993, and god damn it was awesome. A great year for music overall, then all the great music performed live. From that point until the moment Guns N Roses shocked the world with their surprise performance, the VMA's ruled, but since then, it's been total utter crap. Shitty surprises, shitty acts save maybe 1-3 good performances. And this year? Good god, I don't even think they tried. We're gonna close with.........KANYE WEST.....uhh, yay? Who gave a shit? Honestly, the BET Awards put on a way better show the past few years, with better surprises....maybe because they still show music videos on their channel! HMMM.