Thursday, September 11, 2008

Indians Are Stupid. Large Hadron Collider Kills Someone!

So, you all know about that crazy experiment in Europe? The Large Hadron Collider? If not, scientist spent billions of dollars building this thing that can recreate what we call, "The Big Bang Theory". To help scientist try and discover how the universe was formed. Well anyways, people went crazy with the thought of this, and word spread that this thing could in fact, end the world as we know it, that this machine would over time create tiny black holes which would end up swallowing the earth, killing us all. Well the scientists said that was stupid and it wouldn't happen. So who would you believe? Crazy people starting rumors? Or some of the smartest people on the fucking planet?

Some 16 year old idiot indian girl chose to believe the crazy people. And she got so terrified that this thing would destroy the world that she KILLED HERSELF. Yeah, no joke. She saw on the news that this thing was being turned on, and it would destroy all life on the planet and even the planet itself that she ran out and chugged a bottle of pesticide! Yeah, cause, that is totally better than seeing if a wild rumor would be true or not.

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