Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Devon Has Quit The Blog..... AGAIN

So Devon throws down a challenge.

Post pictures of ourselves with our girls, and people vote on who is hotter.

Well for the most part, my wife seemed to be the fan favorite.

Keep in mind, this whole thing was DEVONS idea. So don't get all pissy at me about that blog. DEVONS IDEA.

Anyways, Devon is getting some heavy heat for his clothes and such. So he posts a comment, which read kinda weird since he was talking in third person, again. This is the second time such a comment has been posted. And of course, we see that Devon, being a moron, forgets to hit the anonymous box, AGAIN. Posts it.

Now like I said, we get email notifications of comments as soon as they're posted, and who posted them, and Devon knows this.

So then, immediately after he makes this post, and realizes his error, he loses his fucking MIND. And QUITS, THE BLOG, AGAIN, over something that was HIS IDEA TO BEGIN WITH.

Well, you all can read the madness right here.

I said it along time ago, Devon should check himself, before he wrecks himself. And today, Devon wrecked himself.

and now, a little song for myself....


  1. alright so Random won, can we get back to shit that's not completely childish and stupid?

    you morons have too much time on your hands.

  2. Uh, I was ahead of you earlier this morning when I put up 2 articles that were not childish, or stupid.

    And you didn't comment on those.

    Let's see. Normal articles get no comments or people talking.

    Devon articles get 20+ comments no matter what.

    So what do you think Im gonna talk more about?


  3. Well hey, we had questions. I seeked answers. So I shot her a message.

    And yeah my brother does have cancer, and even if you did send him a message saying HEY FUCKO! He'd probably say, "Hey aren't you the fat kid from the internet that gets made fun of and cries ALL THE TIME?"

    And I did not send her a message saying fucko or anything, in fact I was quite polite in my message to her. And uh, you're not gone. You're still here, postin like crazy.

    The funniest god damn thing about this is how you've changed you name to just "devon" ofhahhahahahahahhfhfahfilwdskjfjfsd

  4. Also, if you wanna get all personal and stuff, I can play that game too. I still have a nice blog saved right here on my computer under the file name WAAAHHHHH.

  5. It really is. The best part of all this. Is this time, Devon quit, over something that was HIS idea. He owned himself this time. He "challenged" me and wanted to put things to a "vote".

    Next thing we know. Shits going normal. Devon fucks up so hard that he throws a mega temper tantrum. And quits. Devon quits and throws a hissy fit, over his OWN lies and fuck ups.

    And now, he attempts to go low and bring up my brother? LMFAO give me a break. If he wants to bring brothers into this, I have no problem with that!

  6. Nice Devon. Talk shit about cancer patients. Cool. You are a real winner.

  7. continued from previous comment...

    Maybe I should post this blog I have been holding for a long time. Not for myself, but for families all over the world who are suffering from dealing with family members who have cancer.

  8. is that the infamous blog mentioned 100 times on this site but never posted about puking?

  9. yeah thats what i was thinking too. wasnt this whole picture thing Devons idea to begin with? Why is he the one getting mad and leaving?

    Yeah the cancer thing is sinking to a whole new low. hes gone post whatever you want villain.

  10. I just might. An eye for an eye. MU HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    In other news, I bought the Mr. Perfect DVD today from Best Buy and theres a GIANT FUCKING SCRATCH on it!

  11. Devin is awesome. I think this all for show and Devon will come back after he loses a lot of weight like Perez Hilton.

  12. If this is the purpose of this site, then you're losing me as a reader.

  13. I love how some people bitch about these types of blogs and act like no other types of blogs are ever posted. I posted two other blogs yesterday, days before that I compiled lists of great commercials from childhood, and other lists. No one EVER talks or engages discussion on those topics. THIS is the only topic that gets people talking, retarded bullshit about some fat idiot.

    Now, maybe if everyone started talking more about the REAL blogs that are so highly in demand around here, it might give a little motivation to post more of those types of blogs.

    And isn't this about the 20th time you have threatened to also stop reading the site? Chrisvision?

  14. I dont agree with Chris, but Villain you've done what you obviously set out to do. Devon's gone, so why waste more of your time with it?

    I enjoy your normal blogs, when you post them. But then they get interrupted with this kind of useless crap.

    Why isn't this site named RandomVillain.com?

  15. Where the fuck is this puking blog?

  16. It can't, but it's funny. Devon gets busted yesterday, and he's still posting as anonymous.

    See the best part is, Devon had a whole storyline worked out. He kept telling us he had no way to get on this site from work. Which was when most anonymous posts would happen. Then yesterday, BOOM. Busted, all over. Posts, forgets to hit anonymous. Whole scam over. And then gets so mad at himself, he throws the keyboard and quits. Again. It makes perfect sense now as to why Devon always accused ME of posting as anonymous. To cover his own ass. Poor fat sap.