Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Devons Ex Girlfriend Out On The Town!!

Ernie Reyes Jr. appeared to the public eye last night, and TMZ got video of it. So what is ol Keno up to these days? From the looks of things he's just runnin around town gettin wasted and trying to karate chop cameras?

Check out the video of him right here.
If for some reason the link doesn't take you to the right video, blame TMZ and their gay video section, not me. But in case it doesn't just browse the right side in the list of videos and it should appear. Actually I can almost make a promise that link won't take you to the right video. TMZ is such a shit ass site. They have LINK TO THIS VIDEO DIRECTLY links but they never take you to the right video. Anyways, go there, look on the right side for NINJA TURTLE and yeah, that's the video. Have a blast. I farted.

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