Monday, September 8, 2008

When Remakes Are A O K! Childs Play Redo On The Way!

I fucking hate remakes, they never turn out better than the original no matter what, so what is the fucking point? Rob Zombies Halloween is a giant pile of dog shit, and Rob Zombie is a hack writer/director who has no original creative bone in his body. House Of 1000 Corpses = Texas Chainsaw, Devils Rejects = Natural Born Killers with the Thelma And Louise ending, and well, I still stand by this.... The Halloween remake came about because he showed his newest script to a friend, and said friend said to Rob "Dude, just like your past two movies, this is just a ripoff of an older movie, this is almost the same shit as Halloween, you might as well just be remaking Halloween." Then Rob threw the papers at the wall stomped his foot and said "FINE! MAYBE I WILL!"

Anyways, Childs Play is being remade, and I have zero problem with it. Yes, Childs Play is a classic horror movie, but of all horror series that went to shit, Childs Play is the worst, Seed Of Chucky was the most retarded horror movie I have ever sat through in my life. But that is not why I am ok with this remake. Don Mancini and David Kirschner, the creators of the original, are coming back to do a reboot. And they admit, Childs Play went to shit, they have some ideas to make it darker than the original, and wanna do a reboot. Cool. If you are the creators of the original, go ahead and remake it. Just as long as some fucktard that used to be in a bad ass band called White Zombie doesn't come along and try to call the shit his "reimagining". Fucks sake.

Childs Play 20th Anniversary DVD comes out tomorrow. As well as Pet Cemetary and Pumpkinhead special edition DVDs. Good day for horror fans tomorrow.

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