Friday, September 26, 2008

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Protest At Wells Fargo In Phoenix AZ

So every day, I get in my car, I travel to get some lunch, and I come across these people.

Downtown, every day, these people are outside of the Wells Fargo Building. Protesting the Sheriff. For what I have no idea. Ya see, if you wanna start a protest, get word out about WHY this protest is going on. I searched Joe Arpaio Protest, and Joe Arpaio Wells Fargo, nothing really with any real information came up. So from what I can tell, Joe Arpaio has offices inside of the Wells Fargo building, and they want him to leave! Why? Hell if I know! I wonder where all these idiots find the free time to go and protest, don't they have jobs? Maybe if people would stop protesting like idiots over stupid crap, they would go to work and the economy wouldn't be in the toilet?

So I ask the head person, the top dog behind this protest to kindly, in our comment section, tell us all, what EXACTLY is this protest about?



  2. The tax payers pay $675K per year to house Arpaio in Luxury Suites. Maricopa County already has plenty of vacant space available. That is one reason for him to leave even if you are conservative.