Friday, September 5, 2008

Top Childhood Movie Trailers

So, as kids back in the 80s and early 90s. We really didn't have the internet like we do today. There was no way of knowing what movies were being made, when they were coming out, none of that. The only way we would find out about new movies, was to first see the trailers or posters in the movie theaters. I miss those days. The days when you would settle in for your movie, and a bad ass trailer came on for a movie or sequel that you had no idea was coming out, and you'd jump up and down on your seat throwin popcorn everywhere tellin your parents to "looooooooooooook!!! looooooooooooook!!! oh my gooooossshh!!!!!!"

So with that, I bring to you the top movie trailers that made me mark out in the movie theater as a kid... Except for one. Ducktales: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp. I loved Disney Afternoon. Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, fuckin greatness. The Ducktales Movie still is one of the best movies from childhood, sadly the DVD is "back in the vault" and I am not about to drop shit loads of money on ebay for a copy. And also, I can't find the trailer for that movie anywhere. But if I could, it would be on this list....

I loved wrestling. And I still love this movie.

I was big into Star Wars. But of course, my parents.... were TREKKIES. So I had a bit of Trek blood in my veins from birth. Then this damn movie came out and blew my mind out of my skull. Picard AND KIRK? TOGETHER!?!??!?!?!?

The Addams Family. Watched this show daily during the summers along with The Andy Griffith Show. This movie is pretty much a classic. I hope they come out with a special edition DVD someday.

Remember how fucking EPIC Jurassic Park was? I remember me and the kid on my block were so fucking pumped for this movie. Going to the theater and seeing a GIANT fuckin line outside for it. Leaving the theater with our minds blown away, wanting to be paleontologists.

Remember as a kid, no matter how stupid something looked, or how retarded it turned out to be, we still loved it? Perfect example, right here.

I don't care what any jerkoff says, this is still to this day one of the top 3 greatest action movies of all time.

Even though this movie is now forgotten about thanks to Heath and Bale, it is still a great film from my childhood that blew my mind as a kid when I saw it in the theater.

With the announcement of the third movie currently being worked on. I figure I would kick things off with this.

This trailer was pretty damn awesome, and funny.

God damn, Back To The Future fuckin ruled as a kid, and when the trailer for part 2 played, I was a happy lil youngster. About three weeks ago, maybe more, I was drivin home from work and on the freeway was a Deloreon, with allllll the stuff put on it to make it look like the Deloreon from Back To The Future, it made me smile.

Before Ninja Turtles came along and pwned my life. He-Man was all there was in life. I wish I still had my Castle Greyskull playset with the trap door and shit. Ugh. Anyways, this trailer made me go fuckin apeshit in my living room at home. Then the movie came out and confused the fuck outta me. Where was Orko? What the fuck was with that weird wizard dude and chicken? Where the fuck is Cringer? Why aren't they on Eternia? Why's Mr. Strickland in this? UGH!! But, even though that movie sucks ass, when He-Man is getting his ass kicked and grabs his sword and says IIIII HAAAAAAAVE THE POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. That made up for everything else in that movie.

Dumb and Dumber came out on video. I sat down in the living room to watch it with my parents. And this trailer came on. Had no freakin clue that this was being made into a movie. I lost my mind. Threw pillows. Got all excited..... then the movie came out, I saw it in theaters, and wanted to cry at what a piece of fuckin SHIT it was.

The. Single. Greatest. Movie. Moment. In. Childhood. History.

Like my kids, I was hardcore mega TMNT fan. I had every damn figure, even the weird figures like, Soccer Player Raphael. I had all the vehicles like the pizza thrower, and the van. I had posters, I had shirts, pajamas, lunch boxes, bed sheets, all the video games, the cartoons on VHS from Burger King, if it was Ninja Turtles, I fuckin owned it. Every, single day, I would come home from school and watch the cartoon in my parents room while jumping on the trampoline. They had this little mini trampoline in there and for some reason every day I would jump on that thing for HOURS and watch TV at the same time. And eat shit loads of pizza. Then this movie came out, and it blew my mind. It was fuckin DARK. I mean, this was no kids movie. It was violent, and dark, and serious. And even Shredder was serious business. No wacky Shredder with Krang. No Krang at all even, and no one seemed to notice. Making it the best movie from my childhood, along with the best trailer.

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