Thursday, September 18, 2008

Review: Knight Rider returns to TV

So next week a new show based on Knight Rider begins. If you remember a few months ago a TV movie aired, well this is the series that launched from that TV movie. The movie was OK. And sadly the new series starts off with a BLARGH.

The writing is horrible. The acting is shit. Everything is just ridiculous about this show. I don't see it lasting a full season without Hasselhoff. That's right. If they do not get David Hasselhoff on this show it will fail. He belongs in the world of Knight Rider. His character from the original show appeared at the end of the TV movie, so we know he's around.

Every 5 minutes whenever the action picks up we are treated some shitty techno bullshit song playing. To annoy you more you have a team at Knight Industries who are mostly idiots except for 2 people who are not idiots, just annoying as FUCK. One girl who has to say quirky one liners that fall flat on the floor. And the other guy that's just annoying. Good lord this is a terrible show. If they cut out half the characters in this show and got some new writers there could be some potential.

Until they get the Hoff back, pass on this pile of crap.

Anyways, you can see for yourself right here. Before it airs next week on NBC. Enjoy... I guess.

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