Thursday, September 25, 2008

Depp News!! Pirates 4!! Mad Hatter!!! Weeee!!!!!!!!

Disney Studios had a big deal this morning announcing future movies. And most include Johnny Depp. Who could blame them?

So first up, Tim Burton is going to create his version of Alice In Wonderland. This could go either way. I was really excited when it was announced that he was doing Chocolate Factory a couple years ago, I was fuckin PUMPED to see what kind of madness Burton would bring to the scary as ass boat ride from the original movie. What do I get? Bullshit. That is all. A pile of bullshit. But I am a big Wonderland fan, and Depp as the Mad Hatter seems to be a perfect match.

After Depp is done with his tea party, he will be gearing up to play Tonto in The Lone Ranger. I am gonna try to get video because the announcement sounded pretty cool, once announced a marching band started playing The Lone Ranger theme and Depp himself came out in Jack Sparrow gear but sporting a Lone Ranger mask.

After Alice and Ranger are all said and done, he will be hoping back in his tiny boat for Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. Which I am very happy about, Pirates 2 and 3 didn't get much love but I thought they were great, I was very pleased with how Pirates 3 did not give the typical Disney ending and it went somewhat dark.

Anyways, if you need a Depp fix now, go rent Benny And Joon. Trust me.

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