Friday, September 12, 2008

Farewell Devon! Devon of Devon Lohan Has Left The Site....

Devon has thrown his final fit. Today he was OFFICIALLY removed from the writers section of the blog. He..... wait a fucking minute....

Haven't I done this before?
<~~ If you can't tell, click on that. So, in the words of Curly Bill....


  1. Now THAT... is priceless.

  2. What a history lesson this was....the history of Devon being a whiney bitch....I had no clue this had gone on this long, and he does the SAME crying again and again. 2 questions come to my mind:

    A. Why does Devon even WANT to come back here 16 times?

    B. Why does a site like this, that regularly makes fun of various topics, want such a feminine looking gay emotional guy on as a writer?

  3. good riddance. Why the hell did you guys have that emo homo as a mascot anyway?

    He was always copying stories when he wasnt writing gay stories.

    I know why...

    this shit is all make believe. Its like gay fake wrestling. Random and Devon are best friends, probably lovers, and they have these gay little fights to bring attention to their little blog.

    Devon will be back tomorrow, when he gets home from Random's house.

  4. Honestly, this is real, Devon REALLY is like this. In reality, I have tried to talk Devon into actually faking things to make this go even further, like when I came up with Devovision and told him to make fun of me on it and such, but he never did it cause he's gay. Trust me, if this was a work, and me and Devon made this up, it would have been even BETTER.

    And why keep him around? Look at the endless supply of entertainment and laughs he has provided at his expense! That first blog I wrote when he quit the first time is almost a year old! He has been like this for over a year!

    Seriously folks, he really is this gay and lame.

  5. lol @ emo homor