Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abortion Is NOT MURDER. Deal With That.

This is going to be brief, I am on my way out the office but I thought I would touch on this before I left.

People are going crazy about McCain and Obama. McCain is not wanting abortions to be legal. Obama wants it to be legal. And people are screaming to Obama ABORTION IS MURDER! YOU WANT PEOPLE TO MURDER BABIES!!!! BABY MURDERER!!

Guess what morons. Abortion is not murder. Tell me..... how can you murder something that is not born yet? Hmmmmm? Exactly. And don't give me this BUT IT'S ALIVE INSIDE bullshit because not 1 single person on the face of the planet realizes and remembers actually being inside someone. Thanks.

Obama is not saying for people to run out and abort babies. Obama is saying it is your choice. If you want to abort a baby, it is your body, do what you want with it. You know what that is called? FREEDOM. Remember, that word that America is based on? What people died to protect? Our right to choose. Now let's say, Obama does not win, because there is the chance, there are many stupid idiots in America and for some reason want McSame. So alright! Now abortion is BANNED! If you get pregnant and are forced to have a baby I am sure that the baby will be much happier being thrown into a trash can, put into a microwave, or thrown off a bridge. So yes, vote for McCain so more people that lack all parenting skills can have their kids and get pissed off and beat them to death because the baby was crying during their video games. If we ban abortion, we are just going to get even MORE news stories like the 4 I have listed above. Abortions not only prevent unwanted babies, but they prevent unwanted parents as well.

Abortion is not murder. It's smart.


  1. Not saying I'm for or against it, but your argument isn't good at all. More like a quick way to try and get controversy. Anyway...

    The whole "not realizing or remembering" thing doesn't really work, because who remembers coming out? On your logic, killing a baby right as it comes out of the mother is the same thing as abortion.

    When you say "it's your body", it's now the baby's body you're dealing with. If you look at getting pregnant as being forced to have a baby, lol, the alternative is to not have sex. The whole ideal behind sex is to reproduce. And really? They've made it so easy for the drop-dead fucks to get rid of a baby it's ridiculous. Not just adoption, they let you get away with "safely surrendering" the baby to emergency staff or fire stations.

  2. I am fairly agnostic on the issue. My opinion is probably somewhat "cold" but I think life begins whenever a fetus could resonably survive outside the mother's body. I don't think it begins at conception or birth but probably closer to birth than not.

    I am comfortable with the existing laws or it being a state by state issue, from a legal standpoint. I would not support any kind of federal law banning abortion.

  3. GROSS... What is your first clear memory? Would it have been ok for your parents to kill you or stick you in a microwave when you were a crying baby. Most people I have spoken with don't remember much before around three or four years old. So with what you have said it would not be wrong for them to do so.

    The time at which you have clear memory or are aware of your surroundings is subjective. You can not possibly base any argument on this. What about mentally challeged people, or the elderly and infirm. People do not choose this, but you make sacrifices for people. People are worth it.

    The effect of this disregard for human life will be seen. We won't know it, but diseases won't be cured. Many people will not find anyone to love. One small change can do alot... It's called the butterfly effect.

  4. If LIFE only is so precious, why do these same people usually call for the death penalty? That is evil because the person has made a life involving others, unlike a foetus which knows nobody.

    Why do many of the same advocate turning off LIFE support!
    How do they know when to do it ?
    When?? When the brain is well and truly DEAD.

    So what we need to discover is when the brain and thought kicks in. I think Jesus/God would have called this the SOUL.

    Any other argument is either coldly political or just plain dumb. A collection of cells has no soul. (A late term is a whole different issue.Get it sorted out !)

  5. I am a 16 year old female. I recently just had an abortion and was in a deep depression over it. Even thinking about suicide. I searched for "how to deal with abortion" and found this article and I have to admit. It made me feel better. I realize now it was not murder, and I was doing us both a favor. I would have not made for a suitable mother at this stage in my life. Thank you

  6. whatithink,

    I definitely had conscious memories from way before 4 years old. I remember playing with my dog in the yard when I was first learning to walk. So I was probably 1. I definitely have a foggy memory of other earlier events.

    anonymous #1,

    The reason a lot of "pro-lifers" also support the death penalty is because they are State Authority fetishists. They enjoy the idea of allowing the state to take away a person's life as much as they support the state defining when life begins and controlling the actions of the parent, etc.

    As much as they enjoy criticizing others for their "Godlessness" they put all of their "faith" in the most Godless of all evil institutions. Something about "God and Caesar" comes to mind.

  7. this has got to be one of the top ten worst agruments agaisnt pro life.
    in some places it is illegal to destroy an eagle egg(becuase eagles are rare)
    why is this?? people agnolage that when u destroy an egg, an eagle that would have been born isnt going to any more. how else could u desribe that than killing the eagle.
    why should it be any different for a child.
    a human is far above a bird--so why shouldnt those morals apply?

  8. Congrats, you're retarded. Now you can stop wondering why people look at you funny when you speak.

    Why is it not the same for people as it is for a bald eagle egg? Well...

    Not sure if you knew this but the bald eagle is an ENDANGERED SPECIES. Meaning there are not that many left, at all. When with humans, there are BILLIONS left. So yeah, if the human population dwindles to just hundreds of people, things would probably change.