Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rambo 5 Is Confirmed

Alli Shearmur over at Lionsgate confirmed today that Rambo 5 is ready to go and will be written and directed once again by Stallone.

I am a bit torn with this. On one side, I've loved Rambo films my whole life, and another one wouldn't hurt at all. The more Rambo the better! But then at the same time, the last Rambo was perfect, and had a perfect ending. Rambo finally came home. So why go with another? I was perfectly happy knowing that Rambo went home, to his fathers farm back in Arizona. And was going to live his life there helping his dad out on the ranch. Peace at last for Rambo.

So what will the next Rambo be about? For me I hope that it takes place back here in America like the first one. Here is my dream Rambo 5.....

A sheriff in the Arizona town is corrupt and squeezing the locals out of money and selling off their land and what not. So he gets fired. A NEW sheriff is hired. No, not John Rambo.... but Will Teasle! (Brian Dennehy) Who we have not seen or heard from since the first movie. Will becomes the new sheriff, and is making his rounds, introducing himself to the locals, and comes to the Rambo ranch.... and comes face to face with John Rambo for the first time since that fateful night over 20 years ago. And the former corrupt sheriff is trying to kill Will and this time, Will needs Rambos help.

Yeah, I've put way too much though into this, but it would still kick ass.

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