Monday, November 5, 2007

American Gangster "stings" Bee Movie LOL GET IT?!?!?!?

Hahahahahahhaha see what I did there? Like all other headlines about this movie I made a little pun about the fuckin Bee Movie by saying it got stung by American Gangster! LOLOLOLOOLOOOL!!!1111!!1!

Anyways, this makes me happy as I think Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most unfunniest people on the fuckin planet. Seinfeld was a stupid show, everyone that loved it are fuckin yuppies that want to fit in with everyone else. OMFG ITS A SHOW ABOUT NOTHING!! HAHAHA!! Stupid. Why the fuck would I wanna watch a shot that is about nothing?

Heres the breakdown. What I wanna know is, who the fuck is going to see these Tyler Perry movies???? I have yet to meet a person that has told me they just saw the new Tyler Perry movie, fuck it.

1. "American Gangster," $46.3 million.

2. "Bee Movie," $39.1 million.

3. "Saw IV," $11 million.

4. "Dan in Real Life," $8.1 million.

5. "30 Days of Night," $4 million.

6. "The Game Plan," $3.85 million.

7. "Martian Child," $3.65 million.

8. "Michael Clayton," $2.9 million.

9. "Tyler Perry 's Why Did I Get Married?", $2.7 million.

10. "Gone Baby Gone," $2.4 million.

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  1. Seriously, if you have to explain your title, it is NOT a very good title....