Friday, November 16, 2007

Tim Burton to make Frankenweenie and Alice In Wonderland!

I used to be a huge Tim Burton fan. I saw his short film Frankenweenie when it hit VHS many years ago. Well now he is remaking that into a feature length 3D animated film! As well as making a live action 3D Alice In Wonderland. Burton lost me after Planet Of The Apes, since then its been a pile of fuck, Big Fish was dumb, Corpse Bride was just a 14 yeah old gothic kid dream movie. Just a pile of shit but I have high hopes for Sweeney Todd and these next two mo vies now have my hopes even higher that he can get back to his deep dark roots. And not make a shitfest that was Charlie And The Chocolate Factor.

He will begin work on Alice In Wonderland next year after Sweeney madness has calmed down. Then he will tackle Frankenweenie right after that. Disney is producing both movies and more than likely both will be featured in IMAX.

Go Tim Go!

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