Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rob Zombie is Remake Zombie. Get ready for a CHUD Remake!?

You know what I find really funny. Rob Zombie fan boys. No matter what this hack does, they always say the same damn thing in every single one of their interviews.

"Rob Zombie is really growing as a director and writer"

Yeah right, lets take a look back at the past of Rob Zombies "growth"

First he brought us, House Of 1000 Corpses. Which was basically, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Then he comes at us with, The Devils Rejects, which was basically, Natural Born Killers. Then he comes at us with Halloween, which was basically, Halloween. I still stand behind my theory that he yet again wrote a script that was ripping off another movie and one of his friends said, "dude this is just like Halloween you're basically just remaking it." So Rob threw on the title Halloween. I also enjoyed watching him flail around during the making of. How it got a HORRIBLE script review, Rob comes on and says, uh that's not the final version! Then a couple days letter, word comes that Rob Zombie is doing heavy rewrites on the script. Then after its done it got HORRIBLE reviews at screenings, in which Rob says, uh thats not the final version of the movie! Then a couple days later word comes that hes doing major reshoots.

Seriously, Rob Zombie is just a fucking rip off artist that is a mediocre director. He does nothing new, nothing imaginative, and nothing ground breaking. All his movies I have watched, but have I ever given them a second viewing? Nope. I have zero desire to give any of his movies a second watch.

So, C.H.U.D. cheesy goodness. It stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, or in the original it is known as Contamination Hazard Urban Disposal. It has been quite a long long time since I watched the original. Which is basically just The Hills Have Eyes in the city, when a string of brutal murders in New York point to a group of deformed people living in the sewers. But since this is Rob Zombie, I am sure it will be redneck white trash idiots from the sewer. And Rob will say this is HIS vision and version of the movie, which will end up just being exactly like the original movie. Although this is just a huge huge rumor and Rob himself has had interest in doing this project, he has yet to sign on. So well see if he goes ahead with this, or decides to rip off something else.

P.S. I will take a Rob Zombie directed movie over Brett Ratner, Stephen Sommers or McG directed movies any day. Fuck I'll take Uwe Boll over those three fuckasses.

UPDATE: Seems like this was all indeed a rumor. Figured since Rob Zombie is a remake artist, this would have some truth to it but, there is none. Oh well, carry on.

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