Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Super Mario Galaxy Thoughts

So this isn't really a review, more like thoughts. Reviews tend to talk about the whole game, but I have yet to get through the whole game. Picked it up last night after much debate. This week was a huge week in video games with Smackdown Vs Raw, Assassins Creed, Need For Speed, and Contra 4 all coming out. So I get to the video game store, planning on buyin Smackdown after reading many many negative reviews. But I get there, and snag Galaxy instead. I needed a new Wii game. Since Zelda, there really hasn't been too much that I got into. I bought Paper Mario, but I got sick of reading shit more than I was playing anything. Mario Strikers got old quick. And Mario Party was pretty eh. And my Wii had been collecting dust due to me going crazy on Resistance on the PS3.

So I throw the game in, and off I go. And I gotta say, this is probably the 2nd best game for the Wii. Sorry, but it is not as good as Zelda. But it does come close. And when I mean it is the 2nd best game, it is 2nd best by far. It has been a long long time since I sat down and started playing a game only to realize its been 3 hours. The graphics on it are amazing, clear colors, awesome landscapes and design. I was really impressed. The gameplay itself is fairly easy to get a handle on. The Wii remote features are much like Zelda with the fairy you controlled that floated around Link. This time you got a star that you use to point at star bits to collect, in which you can then point and shoot at an enemy to stun them and then have Mario run and jump or kick the crap outta them. I was worried that the whole game would be running around small planets, which at first, makes you a little dizzy. But you get used to it. Most of the game is laid out like Mario 64. With Mario running around a 3d world. Then you go into a room and it takes on a whole new meaning to 3d, when you run up walls across the ceiling and all over the damn place.

This is the best Mario game I have played since Super Mario World on SNES. I didn't get into Mario 64 too much, but after playing this I think I may make the purchase of it on the Virtual Console and give it another try. This game lived up to the hype that it is getting on sites. And the rave reviews it is receiving. If you got a Wii, you need to own this game, or at least give it a rent.


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