Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell Headed Back to TV?

Rosie O’Donnell may be headed to primetime, to host a show for MSNBC, according to reports.

While in Miami, Florida this past weekend, the podcast LyingOnTheBeach reported that the former “View” moderator said she had inked a deal to return to TV. She hinted she would be going up opposite “the guy with suspenders,” a reference to CNN talk show stalwart, Larry King.

Though her rep had no comment, the NY Times is reporting Rosie has been in talks with MSNBC.

Citing sources on both sides of the negotiations table, Rosie may take a post hosting a 9 p.m. airing show, putting her potential program, in fact, opposite “Larry King Live.”

If the deal is finalized, Rosie would replace “Live with Dan Abrams,” the NY Times reported.

Despite the news out of Miami, NBC Executives told the newspaper that they are still in talks with Rosie over money and whether a deal would see her appear on MSNBC’s sister network, NBC.

Can you imagine if Rosie gets on at NBC? Think of the Christmas parties with her and Trump in the same room! One things for sure, she's definitely a loud mouth and will bring ratings and controversy to whatever channel or outlet she does decide to go with!


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