Monday, November 19, 2007

PS3 and Wii Video Game Madness Thoughts For The Holidays

Well just this past month we have had insane video games coming left and right. This past weekend I had a chance to sit down, and play a few of them. So Let me break down each one and score with my thoughts, first up....

Assassins Creed. Probably the biggest letdown of them all. The previews looked insanely cool. The idea sounded amazing. And the game seemed like it would change free roaming in video games forever. Sadly, I was let down by all the above. It seems like the creators concentrated more on the graphics, than the gameplay, story, and ideas. I played it for a good solid 3 hours. During which I dealt with what many others are dealing it, the game freezing and other glitches. When I was 3 hours in I realized that for the past 2 hours, I was doing the same shit over and over again. The game is tedious and downright boring after awhile. You have to sneak past guard constantly which always slows down what you're trying to do. And the fighting looked insane in the game, good thing that the basic way you fight is hold down R1 and mash the square button. And hope for the best. This game would have been perfect if a little more thought was put into the gameplay. I give it a 4 / 10.

I didn't get too much into the Need For Speed games until Carbon. The free roaming driving anywhere in a huge city looking for races thing was awesome. Racing around the city crashing into stores tearing up the town was great. The storyline was interesting. All was good. When Pro Street came out I expecting even more of that to follow along, but nope. All that I loved was taken away. There is no more free roaming a city, no more stores, no more story. All it is is just picking a race, and racing around a race track. That is about it. But it is a decent racing game, and the graphics look great. 6 / 10

Now Smackdown Vs Raw 08. It is very interesting. I have heard nothing but negative reviews on this game. So I held off on buying it. But thanks to being bored as shit on Saturday, I said the hell with it, and went and picked it up. And well, it's not as bad as people say. The controls are royally fucked, so you basically have to learn how to play all over again. The auto target system is gone but so far, I have had no problems with it. The story line is screwed up, you will get into an argument with someone at one minute setting up a heated storyline, and the next scene you guys are laughing and shaking hands. The action is slow, and god damn trying to face an opponent is a task in itself. But like I said, if you like the previous Smackdown games, forget about them. Go into this thinking its a brand new game, cause it is. All the controls have changed, for the worst. But I have had fun playing it so far. 6 / 10

Super Mario Galaxy. 360 and PS3 fanboys need to bow down to greatness. Nintendo does often come out with weak exclusive games, but every once in a while, they bust out with something that kicks the shit out of all games in life. So far I have yet to see the 360 and PS3 come with a game that comes anywhere near Twilight Princess. Sorry, but Halo is just another shooter game kids. And Resistance Fall Of Man is also just another shooter game. Well Nintendo does it again with Mario Galaxy. The look, the feel, the graphics are like nothing any console has attempted. This Holiday season, Wii is the way to go. It's not about sales, its about games. And the Wii has Twilight Princess, and Mario Galaxy. And those are worth buying a Wii alone. And until PS3 and 360 comes out with a game that not only has great graphics, but amazing gameplay as well, then Wii has won this console war in 07. 9 / 10

In closing, when you are out shopping for something to get the kids this year. Do what you can to get a Wii. Even though my PS3 has gotten more playing time due to my addiction to Resistance online. The Wii has the two best games there is to buy right now.

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