Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fight Of The Week: A Discussion

Because we get bored easy here at work, we usually come up with odd fights. So I thought I would bring the match ups here once a week, and let you all discuss. So, in this match up, which would be a street fight, we have..

from Beverly Hills 90210


AC Slater
From Saved By The Bell

Discuss in the comments as to who you think would win. As for my pick? I think I will have to go with Slater for his wrestling background. And dance skills.


  1. Wow, VERY tough call on this one. True, Slater is a wrestling champion, and has a poster of the Hulkster in his locker, BUT, Dylan may weigh 120 pounds, but has much experiencein bar room brawls, deals with drug lords, mafia hits, guns, stints in rehab, nearly dying in a car wreck and being in a coma, hardcore drunken parties, the list goes on and on. This match needs stipulations...if Dylan can bring his gun, this ones history....if not, AC will toss his ass around like a pool hall hustler who didn't get paid!

  2. No guns, its a street fight. Weapons can be used, no guns though. Bricks, wood, pipes, whatever is around.

    I say in a huge brawl, the Bayside crew would take out the 90210 crew. Sorry but, Zack and Slater were way smarter and craftier than the 90210 kids. And Jessie was hardcore as shit. Baysides just got the brains. They would set a trap, and 90210 would walk right into it, and get owned. Even if 90210 called up valley for some backup.

  3. Wow, so would that mean Saved by the Bell would call up Melrose Place to counteract Valley? Oh the possibilities. But yeah Saved by the Bell would def. take the win, 90210 people were to busy screwing like normal people, as where SBTB was very sheltered, thus all their time went into being crafty.