Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rihanna Likes to Grab Other Girls Boobs! Picture Proof!

Yes, its always good to report that a hot female celebrity likes boobs just like the rest of us. This Rihanna pic captures Rihanna's wild side, and probably could have made a good cover for her "Good Girl Gone Bad" album no doubt. We're not sure who the other female is (maybe one of her dancers?), or when this pic was taken (if anyone is in the know, drop us a comment and fill us in,) but even without such info., we could not hold back from our readers in providing this great pic. Hell, we've even thrown in a couple more hot Rihanna pics, one with her getting extra girl on girl friendly with what appears to be the same girl who's boobie she molested, and the other where Rihanna appears to be grabbing her OWN boob....ahh Rihanna is delivering the goods. Expect more coverage of hot women than ever from, as we've adjusted our staff to remove members who are not fans of hot women, and prefer an "alternative lifestyle".....Yep. That's just not what we're about, WE salute you Rihanna!

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