Friday, November 2, 2007

Amy Winehouse performs at the MTV EMA's 07: Drunk? High? Just Plain Normal? You Decide!

Amy Winehouse performed at the MTV EMA's recently, and decided to perform one of her less played songs "Back to Black." OK, that's fine, but being we've never heard this song before, we can't really decide if we're seeing the drunk or drugged up Winehouse that we see regularly in pics from her everyday life, or if this song just really sounds like this! We've heard her MTV hits like "Rehab" and "No Good" like everyone else, but uh, this song is might even be in another language. So we're calling all Amy Winehouse fans, or haters if the case may be, to distinguish what is really going on here with the following "performance."


  1. Shes on dope and coke, she can't move her lips- she sounded like a junkie, I understand that there is some sick obsession with watching people destroy themselves-but this is sad, she's so talented. It's really a shame- I'm not religious, but I feel like praying for her.

  2. Hmmm, well it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out she was higher than a bird in this performance...and yes most likely on coke...hence the rubbing of the nose and not being able to control her tongue (common side effect of feeling numb from sniffing too much). Aside from her performance, her acceptance of the award she won was non-existent she bolted and then the foo fighters had to quickly cover. True enough the girl is talented but it's getting ridiculous, the amount of people wasting talent in exchange for drugs and a half-sedated life.

  3. No doubt she was higher then a kite, she could hardly keep her balance while performing much less utter the words (numb tongue.....hense cocain)
    and her eyes where roling and she was
    clearly nervous....(paranoia). It was dreadfull to watch and i felt ashamed for her, what a waste of tallent.....maybe its time to go to rehab baby !!