Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hasselhoff Returns To Knight Rider! And Deanna Russo?

Fucks sake Im tired. 3 hours of sleep is no good. So this is gonna be short and sweet kinda day. David Hasselhoff is in talks to return to the new Knight Rider series which is a sequel to the 1980s series that centers on Mike Tracer (Bruening), Michael Knight's son who never knew his dad.
Now, if we get William Daniels back as the voice of KITT. I am a happy camper.

The show also stars Deanna Russo as Sarah the brilliant estranged daughter of KITT inventor Charles Kamen, who works as an assistant professor in the engineering department at Stanford. When she receives word from talking-car KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) that her father is missing, she and KITT set out to find and recruit Mike.

No idea who this Deanna Russo chick is, haven't seen anything shes in, but hey, I'd hit it.

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