Monday, November 12, 2007

Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape "Superstar," Now Has a Part 2!

Kim Kardashian continues to be's most searched we'll continue with the Kim updates as they come....and this one is on the subject a ton of you are searching for, her sex tape. Apparently her original sex tape was such a smash hit....that now "Superstar 2" is on the horizon, promising 100 minutes of uncensored unedited hardcore footage. From their site....

"The uncut version of Kim Kardashian Superstar runs over 100 minutes and features over an hour of never-before-seen footage. A trailer on the site promises added sex scenes and candid footage of Hollywood socialite Kardashian and her then-boyfriend, ex-child actor and hip-hop artist Ray J. The revamped website also includes a scandalous voicemail message from Kim to Ray J recorded just after Kardashian found out about the release of the sex tape."

Well OK, Kim telling Ray J he's sick on the phone, after we hear her getting manhandled and enjoying it, whatever works, I'm sure all the Kardashian fans are pleased as long as their is more Kim video to go around. You can see the trailer for yourself at Kim Kardashian Superstar 2 Trailer.

And download the entire Kim Kardashian Playboy spread below, all 12 pages!

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