Tuesday, November 6, 2007

DVD Releases - 11/05/2007

Here are the new releases on DVD for the week of November 5 2007 on DVD:

- The Best of the Colbert Report.
- Doctor Who: The Complete Third Series
- Flight of the Conchords: The Complete First Season.
- Chinatown: Special Collector's Edition.

- Seinfeld: Season 9 and Seinfeld: The Complete Series.

- Sicko. - Help!.
- Ratatouille.
- James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set.
Also: The Cosby Show: Seasons 5 and 6, Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Project Runway: The Complete Third Season, Run Granny Run, Wings: The Complete Fifth Season, Danny Roane: First Time Director, X-Files: The Ultimate Collection, The King of Queens: The Complete Series


  1. LOL wtf youre back to this now? How long is this one gonna last? I give NEXT WEEK, NO DVD RELEASE LIST. lolllllllllllllllllllll @ Devons fat failure of a life.

  2. I just like to watch you get all riled up and pissy and act like a total fuckin girl over it. Much like youre doing now. Its my PLEASUUHHHHHHH!

  3. Random-
    What is your problem?! Really by trying to tear down other people just to make yourself feel good, it demonstrates a VERY low self esteem. Seriously dude, go read some self help books and find a purpose for your life. Because right now you just look like an ass.

  4. Uh no shit thats the point. I am an ass. Ya fuckin worthless twat. And I dont have to tear down Devon, he does that himself by sucking at life.

  5. You make some very bold statements just because you are on the internet. It's funny to me that just because you a have a computer in front of you it gives such nerve. I would hope that you are not such a dick in real life. Or perhaps you are and that is why you have so much free time. I feel bad for you. You are a very angry man. Really check out those self-help books or get some therapy or something. You really need it.

  6. How are we supposed to get a following when our writers talk to people like this?

  7. I dont know Devon hwo are we supposed to get readers when you post worthless blogs about your twin and then bring your worthless cunt of friends in here who uh, well, say that, Im acting tough, because IM behind a computer, when they are also, acting tough, behind a computer? And then also say I have free time, because Im on here, even though they are also on here?

    LOL fuckin PATHETIC!

    Devon why dont you run back to the land of no readers over on your wrestling blog. Let me D and OBJ, the guys that bring in actual READERS take care of things here.

    Or you can just cry and quit all together and go role play.

  8. Oh RIGHT, because I forgot, it was YOU who was here busting your ass day in and day out when there were no hits. It was YOU who said " this things never gonna make any money". And now that the hits are coming in, and things look promising, you're on it like stink on trash.

    Go fuck yourself, you sad piece of shit.

  9. Oh and Kim, the reason I dont give a fuck about what you say is well, like I said, youre a WORTHLESS TWAT.

    And why do I give a shit what Devon posts? Because all this idiotic shit is on the blog I write for as well, which his dumb shit makes us all look like idiots. People come here and will see "wtf this blog writes about DVD releases that only lists features on titles no one really cares about or will buy and.... Rosie o Donnell?? FUCK THIS.

    Now run along ya flappy hairy cunt, the big boys are playing now. Maybe you can help Devon mop up his tears since his crying over the fuckin FACTS.

  10. Dude! You worked in 3 different video stores and I am the worthless one? Ok there big boy you go have fun ringing up other peoples DVD's and make your fortune off those shitty paying jobs.... Because all of the BIG boys I know have jobs meant for those in high school.

  11. Kim, you're retarded. I WORKED, meaning, I no longer do work there. making it impossible for me to go ring up anyones DVDs.

  12. Now this is some funny stuff guys. Your blogs should just consist of RandomVillain putting devon in his place. These comments are funny.


    Hey Mitch, how about you take your links, and go fuck yourself with them.

    Cant take the heat, get the fuck outta the kitchen and go sit at the tea party that Devon is currently having with his dolls in the unemployment line.