Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Ghostbusters 3 Video Game News!

I know I know. People be gettin sick of Video Game News, but hey, go find me some interesting movie or TV show news thats going on, and Ill write about it, because there isn't any. Thanks writers strike. But don't worry, I vow by the end of this day I will have some movie news. Maybe something about... the cast of Justice League??? We shall see.

Well before I mentioned that Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis would be voicing characters for the game, well now its confirmed that Ernie Hudson is also back. Woot Winston! Along with him will even be supporting characters, with Annie Potts, William Atherton, and Brian Doyle Murray. No word on Sigorney Weaver or Rick Moranis yet. The games storyline will take place in the early 90s after the events of Ghostbusters 2.

The game will also be co op. Which is freakin greatness. Oh and in case you are wondering if any other characters from the Ghostbusters world will be returning, well take a look at the image for the game below.


  1. Essentially you're just waiting for a different site to post the JL news, so you can copy it?

    This game looks pretty cool though.

  2. Pretty much. Which other sites are essentially waiting for a movie studio to announce it so they can announce it so then I can announce it.

    And yes, it does. I am curious as to how Mr Stay Puff makes a return.

  3. Is the game a whole new story, or a rehashing of the movies? I'm sure they can find a way to work it in there, even if they have to just make it be ANOTHER Mr. Stay Puff.

  4. Read the blog. The game is the storyline for what would have been Ghostbusters 3. Ramis and Aykroyd have been trying to get Ghostbusters 3 made for years, but realizing that theyre too old and Bill Murray wouldnt go for it, they decided the next best thing would be doing a video game.

    So the storyline in the video game is Ghostbusters 3. Taking place right after the events of part 2.

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  6. And the video game blogs get more comments and diggs than all the movie news blogs.