Friday, November 2, 2007

Kim Kardashian's Boobs are Delightful. So delightful, Britney Spears wants to suckle them lesbianishly.

Call it mindless. Accuse it of havin no substance. Say it's pointless.

But this is the best post ever.

A London paper says that Britney Spears has a crush on new Playboy cover model Kim Kardashian, and she picked her as the one celebrity she'd most like to have sex with. Britney Spears is desperate to bed socialite Kim Kardashian after confessing to a secret lesbian crush on the star.

Britney over looked Hollywood heartthrobs and picked Kardashian as the celebrity she would most like to romance, reports British newspaper Daily Star.
Spears says, "I really love Kim's butt, skin and hair. Kim is a real woman. A real horny beast."

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