Friday, November 2, 2007

Los Angeles Lakers have some real dumb fans....

So tonight was the Phoenix Suns home opener against the Lakers, this is the 2nd game of the season for both teams. And well much like last year, the Suns got beat pretty damned bad by the Lakers. It was a pretty pathetic game, I should know, I was there.

Every year I go to the Suns home opener, and I try to go to as many games during said year as possible, sometimes they lose, sometimes they win, thats how it goes. But holy shit, I was not ready for this.

I will do this blog, by pointing out the many reasons why Laker fans are complete idiots and have no mental power...

First off, tonight after the Suns lost, and the game was over, Laker fans went freakin CRAZY. You would have thought this was Game 2 of the Finals, not Game 2 of the season. I am watching these Laker fans go ballistic, and just thinking to myself, wow, they won the 2nd game of the season, theres 80 more to go. And with the Suns losing, right now uh, the Suns are 1-1, and the Lakers are 1-1, what the hell are we celebrating?

Also, there was a lot of Laker fans around, but I really am not sure why I dare call them Laker fans. Find me a Laker fan that has any other players jersey besides Kobe Bryant and Ill give you a dollar. Every, single, "Laker" fan there, had a Kobe jersey. No Brown jerseys, or Walton, no Odom either. Just BRYANT jerseys. I wonder what the hell the Los Angeles Kobe fans are gonna do when hes traded in the next year?

As I walked out of the arena, an obnoxious Kobe fan approached me, yelling YEAH GO LAKERS FUCK YEAH GO LAKERS WOOOOO!!!! Alright, well I stopped him and said simply, "Hey yeah man go Lakers! They beat the Suns in the 1st game of the season last year too!" And he nodded and grinned like a fool, as I continued... "Hey remember what happened AFTER the season?!" He looked at my confused, as I said, "You know, the Playoffs. Actually, do you remember the last 2 Playoff rounds? What happened to the Los Angeles Kobes then? They, kinda get eliminated, by the Suns? Just a bit? Why dont ya go work on that Kobe novel, come up with some story ideas, a little character development? Hmmm?" He looked sad, and shuffled away, as I laughed at him.

Laker fans, stop disgracing the NBA with your idiotic tendencies. Grow up. The Lakers are now 1-1 WOOO!!! Only 80 more games to go! Boosh!!!

And in closing, this is by far my favorite bit of Laker fans. These videos are all over they feature Kobes big huge mega 51 point game agains the Suns. The person that uploaded this video says.....

"Watch Kobe torch the Suns."

Now folks, indeed watch Kobe torch the Suns, but do something that this person failed to do, keep an eye on the scoreboard.....

Sigh.... Here ya go Laker fans, I got another video for ya. Goodnight!

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