Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to Have a Honeymoon For Under $30 - $28.14 to be Exact!

Well, former writer Devon is gone from, and shockingly to all (Devon himself mainly) this blog was not named after him, is not a tribute to him, and in no way makes him a celebrity. In fact, for those who would like to know, fellow DL writer G.C. came up the name, after we had to hear thousands of times how much Devon loved Perez Hilton. As a play on the whole situation, we picked our own "headline making" celeb last name, and put a gay first name for the first part, and BAM, was born. Someone in all this, Devon believed HE was now a celebrity near the level of Perez Hilton, and the diva attitude swung into full force. Well reality has kicked in, the back story is out, and keeps rolling as a comical site with no diva attitude in our writers, but Devon has lashed out due to his dismissal, hence the reason for this post. In an earlier conversation, he accused me of making enough money on this blog to fund a honeymoon. WOW. Not sure how many of you out there keep up with traffic numbers, how adsense works, other affiliates, etc. (Anyone who's taken about 10 minutes to learn about what kind of traffic numbers it takes to make any real money can easily see our site is not exactly a cash cow.) But for the record, this site has taken a long time to achieve minimal success, and our crew understands that and we're realists about it, we don't plan on being millionaires overnight if at all. The whole idea was to have an entertainment site, and if we can make some extra side money off of it eventually, SURE why not, in the meantime, we're not planning on it to be our primary job to bank off. BUT for anyone that doubts and thinks we have some secret stash ::cough:: DEVON ::cough:: We'll give you the break down right here...

I'm letting the cat out of the bag on this one......all my banners, affiliates, advertising, everything, adds up to an all time earth shattering $28.14! WOW, according to Devon, I can fund a honeymoon, to FLORIDA no less, for only $28.14! The truth is, while trying to uncover why our entire site was suddenly deleted 2 nights ago, I tried getting a confession out of Devon, and told him i relied on the site for a portion of my income, in which he totally believed without looking at any numbers or facts, and jumped ALL over it, exposing me for funding honeymoons with the other writers hard work! The truth is out, all this time I've been stashing away my 28 bucks for my honeymoon, i know this deeply saddens my writing staff, and for that I apologize. If not for Devon, I'd have been partying it up in Florida with my 28 bucks, living the life, but now that it's out, a huge weight has definitely been lifted. But now since the WHOLE 28 bucks (and 14 cents) are going to my honeymoon (hell I'll prob pay for the wedding with it too, why not? Right?) I've got no beer money. So if you'd look to the right, you'll see I've set up a beer fund, and will accept donations, since even though my honeymoon is funded, I do need a beer every now and then, and G.C. and Random Villain DEFINITELY do, as I took the whole 28 bucks for myself. So if you can somehow forgive that this site has made a grand total of 28 bucks secretly, head on over and buy us a beer!

Thank those of you who remain loyal in this trying and scandalous time.

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  1. How the fuck could you not be splitting the profits dude?!?! I mean between the 4 of us writing, that would be about uhhhh, Around 7 bucks each!! You know what I could do with 7 bucks dude?!?!? Downpayment on a fuckin new car, buy that sweet surround sound system at the very least!

    Fuck this! I quit and Im taking my banners, and Im gonna cry, and cut, and listen to emo, and take pics of myself and photoshop them to make them look cool and hide my double chin, and Im gonna do like, a mohawk, but not really a mohawk, since my hairs not long enough, so itll be, I dunno itll be somethin! And Im also gonna cry! Did I say I was gonna cry already?! Well Im gonna cry twice! And Im gonna tell my efed friends to never ever come here again ever never ever!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAABERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR