Wednesday, November 7, 2007

GameSpot Tournaments Are Retarded

Recently I have the pleasure of playing in a tournament for the game, Resistance The Fall Of Man for Playstation 3. And by tournament I mean, total fucking headache of a time.

This tournament was held by Consisting of about 128 teams. Each day 2 teams face off in a game of assault, one team gets eliminated and the winner moves to the next round. The winner of the tournament gets a star wars PSP, some games a jacket and other shit.

So what was the headache? Never in my life have I seen a tournament ran poorly. The admins were complete and total dickhead morons. It was insane. First off, you need 8 people to make a team, there are teams, and there are people on a waitlist that are free to join a team. Well our team had only 6 people, we needed 2 more. Admins had been helping teams that were short find waitlisters. Our team actually found 2 people to join our team, and had informed the admins of this. So instead of adding them to our team, they instead add the 2 new people to a totally different team! Time comes up, we are disqualified for not having enough people. Oy vey.

Well our team, since we did not really lose, were placed as waitlisters. The very next game, a team was short 6 people, so our whole team was placed on this team, and we played. And won! Boo yaa! Big win! 3 games to 1 game. No problem, victory is ours..... so we thought. The admin that is supposed to be monitoring the games to mark down the winners, just decides they dont feel like watching our specific match. And the losing team goes and tells the admins that, they won. So the admins, mark them as the winners!

After much emailing, bitching, and even getting Sony themselves involved, it was cleared up. But after all that mess, I urge you, to steer clear of any tournaments being held my Gamespot. I know I will.

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