Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Did You Get a $79 Nintendo Wii from Amazon?

The Wii Has been a hot topic around here lately.

First, we mentioned we are thinking about giving away a free Nintendo Wii in a contest.

Then we mentioned the Amazon Black Friday Deals 2007. One of the features of holiday shopping is "Amazon Customers Vote." The first round of voting featured the chance to buy a Nintendo Wii for $79. The Wii was up against a PS3 and Xbox 360 at higher prices. Not surprisingly, the Wii deal won out.

In just about 2 hours, you will findout if you won the chance to by a Wii for $79. IF you voted, of course.


  1. Well, 2 days in and I havent won anything.

  2. Well this site is dead.

  3. Maybe it's because its Thanksgiving weekend and the people that write here have family and friends that they spend it with, instead of sitting around on the computer? Moron. I am sure Monday will come and news will be posted.

  4. yet there you are, sitting at your computer, reading the comments.

  5. What happened to the message board?

  6. We are all on vacation or on Honeymoons living it up.

    There will be a new message board that we will be paying money for to license and setup. The free message boards options are pretty lame.

    No one will be able to fuck the new one. Actually we might have a couple and one will be paid membership.