Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Goonies Game for Nintendo Wii NEEDS to happen, Here is Video Proof as to Why!

So, for years now, all of us Goonies fans have surely at one time or another thought about how cool a video game based on the Goonies would be, especially since the next gen consoles can do so much and have so much depth. Well the closest we've come to a Goonies game is the old Nintendo versions that hardly resembled ANYthing that was seen in the movie. Well, the following video illustrates PERFECTLY why the Goonies for Nintendo Wii would be one of the most fun games EVER. I always thought about the cool mysteries and puzzles to solve, picking which character you wanted to play as etc., but THIS video shows another side, having to truffle shuffle your way to victory! Not only that, but turning One Eyed Willy's keys, working out with Brand, the list goes on and on! We can even see eating with Chunk, hair combing with Mouth, and using an inhaler with Mikey! Ahh Nintendo, this is THE franchise game that needs to be made! The Goonies for Nintendo Wii.....It All Starts Here!

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